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Famous/Celebrity Awards -- Movies

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The Academy Awards

Golden Globe Awards

MTV Movie Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards

  • Screen Actors Guild Awards - Official site with news, history, rules and regulations, past and current nominees and recipients, photos, tickets and information, and other details.

Animation Awards

  • The Annie Awards - "The highest honor given for excellence in animation. Each year, Annie Award trophies are awarded for the year's best feature film, video, television program, commercial, and animated interactive production; as well as individual achievement by artists, writers and voice talent."
  • The Emmy Awards - Hosted by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Other Movie Related Awards

  • Chlotrudis Awards - Established by a group of frustrated fans seeking to recognize films based solely on their artistic merit, not on how many tickets they sell. Look here for critically acclaimed films that flopped at the box office.
  • Hollywood Award Shows - A guide to the various Hollywood award shows and how the public can participate in the events.
  • IMDb: Awards Browser
  • Infoplease.com: Movie Awards - In-depth coverage of all the major awards and critics societies pick.

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