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Promotional Products
 * Please note that because of the nature of the promotional products business we are not able to waive all engraving and setup fees for these products.

Quality Assurance

At 123-Awards.com we use a Total Quality Management approach to make sure that every product we deliver meets the highest possible standard of quality and is delivered into the hands of the client as a perfect representation of finely crafted workmanship.

Our goal is to create end products that are without flaw or error.

To meet this goal we have developed a system of fulfillment that includes quality control and redundant proofing of all products throughout the production and delivery process.

The processing and fulfillment of an order from the time an order enters our system until it is shipped to the customer is outline below:

  1. The order is captured
  2. A designer retrieves the order from our system. Using the engraving and any graphic supplied, the designer lays out the order in a publishing program.
  3. A second designer then proofs the layout
  4. Optionally (at the client's request), an electronic proof is sent to the client for approval
  5. The layout is then put into the hands of an engraver
  6. The item to be engraved is carefully inspected for flaws
  7. The item is engraved.
  8. The item is then inspected by another employee against the original layout and engraving information
  9. The item is carefully packaged and processed for shipping

The Production Department at 123-Awards.com is constantly watching for ways to improve the efficiency of the production process while safeguarding the quality of the end product.

But while we strive to attain perfection we also know that it is only human to make mistakes. It is still possible for errors or flaws to find their way through our system without being caught.

However, it is the policy of 123-Awards.com to replace at no cost to the customer any products that are incorrectly engraved or flawed in any way. And even in the case where the customer has themselves misspelled a word or name, we will do everything within our means to correct or replace the product in a timely manner at the lowest reasonable cost to the customer.

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