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About Plaques

Plaques in the world of recognition could accurately be described as the "workhorse" of awards.

Available in a wide variety of material combinations and sizes, a plaque can be used to recognize just about any situation you can think of.

What Is A Plaque?

If you wanted to define what a plaque is, your best bet would be to think of something flat that you have engraved, because outside of that, it could be just about anything.

At 123-Awards.com plaques are available in a variety of different materials and sizes. Economy plaques are made of press board with a simulated finish wrap. We also have real wood plaques in walnut and red and black piano finishes. Acrylic plaques are very popular as well. Outdoor plaques are made from steel, brass, bronze and copper. Our perpetual plaques can accomodate up to 144 plates.

The History of Plaques?

At 123-Awards.com we like to believe that some of the worlds earliest forms of written communication was a kind of plaque. When those cavemen were painting on walls with berry juices, they were often commemorating an event of some kind. For example, they might be saying "Ugh and his tribe killed the mastodon on this day". Maybe it's a stretch, but we like it anyway. And until I can dig up some hard facts about the history of plaques, this is going to have to do!

Why Buy Plaques?

Plaques are an excellent addition or supplement to almost any recognition program. They are generally small enough to hand out at an awards ceremony, where they can give the recipient a real sense of immediate appreciation for their accomplishment (while also leaving them with something that will constantly remind them of the event).

Plaques are particularly good for recognition of sales. Salespeople are goal orientated by nature. Achieving a goal such as exceeding their sales quota or attaining the highest sales for a quarter is a significant event that should be recognized as such. Presenting them with an award is a efficient way of showing them that the company appreciates their hard work. And they are a testament to their accomplishment that also looks good on the wall.

Clients are another excellent potential recipient. Awarding a client or all of their staff involved with a particular project is a great way to show them just how valuable they are to you. With a physical award that either hangs in their lobby or sits on their desk or office wall they are perpetually reminded of your company – you can look at this from a branding standpoint too – there remains a piece of your brand at their office for everyone to see.

Long-term employee recognition using awards is a traditional and effective way of showing an employee just how much you appreciate their loyalty and hard work. Everyone likes to be told they do a good job – this puts into their hands tangible proof. And every time they see it they are reminded of not only their own value, but your company’s appreciation of them.

For retiring employees it is always great to take away something that reinforces the value of the years they spent with your company. The right award serves as positive emotional reinforcement of their life within the company.

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