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Human Resources -- Consulting

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  • Abraham and Aaron - California based consulting firm specializing in staffing, training and development, outplacement, benefits assessment and virtual HR programs.
  • Aon Human Resources Consulting Group - Detroit based company specializing in employee benefits, compensation and change management.
  • Behavioral Management, Inc. (BMI) - Minneapolis based consulting firm that provides cost effective services in the behavioral health and human resources fields.
  • Bruno Matarazzo y Asociados - HR Consultants, specializing in Outplacement services. Global Partner in Argentina of Lee Hecht Harrison, Inc. (USA)
  • The Burke Group (TBG) - Company offers management consultancy, with focus on minimizing the presence or influence of unions.
  • ChangePros - Changing the way clients hire, train, and manage people.
  • CJB Associates.com - HR web-based solutions. Intranet maintenance. E-Communications training and HR image consulting. HR project support and start-up services.
  • Claremont Management Group, Inc. - Consulting and training firm providing services to businesses of all sizes in human resources and dispute resolution.
  • The Duncan Company, HR Consulting - Specializing in human resource diagnostic tools, leadership training, and coaching.
  • Eastern Point Consulting Group - Specialize in consultation and training on diversity, teambuilding, change, and leadership.
  • ERC Dataplus, Inc - Human resources service bureau that uses Internet and Interactive Voice Response technology to provide for recruitment and selection, retention, employee assessment, development and opinion surveys.
  • Essentials 4 Life - Consulting and training on leadership and character.
  • Flexible working practices - Information on flexible working practices and available resources
  • Great Circle Learning - Custom and off-the-shelf corporate education and training programs that teach the applications of critical thinking
  • HR M and A Solutions International - Florida based consulting firm focusing on the Human Resources aspects of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and turnarounds.
  • HRA Services - Various HR services
  • HRAnswerlink.com - Human resource on-line services providing information, news and consultative solutions to compensation, benefits, recruitment and employee relations challenges.
  • HRWisdom.com - For HR staff who facing e-hr, outsourcing, and other current topics.
  • Human Resource Audit Specialists - Functional and strategic HR audits, change management/initiative implementation, employee theft, violence and sabotage abatement, HR due diligence during mergers and acquisitions, retention and productivity. Consultants, speakers trainers.
  • Inovative Management Resources - HR and management consulting firm specializing in staffing.
  • Life is a Series of Plan Bs - Links to books, sites and companies for personal and professional development.
  • McCoy Training and Development Resources - Coaching and training to individuals and small businesses.
  • Metrus Group - Strategic measurement experts. Balanced scorecard, employee surveys, change management, organizational development, communication, process consulting. On-line articles in PDF format.
  • NBRI - Research to large businesses seeking to "read the minds" of their employees in order to develop the organization to a higher level.
  • North Coast Consulting - Human resource consultants specializing in organizational change, personnel and team development, performance management, and assessment software.
  • People Solution Strategies - Provides employee and management development, and human resources consulting and workshops.
  • PEOPLEtrainers - Solution-focused training and consulting
  • Perform.com - Performance management tools that help manage and develop human capital for improved organizational performance.
  • Roundstone International - Works on morale and culture
  • RSG Talent On Demand - Interim / contract jobs for IT, finance, logistics, HR, and lean manufacturing.
  • Skill Factor Consultants - Facilitators of skills analysis and development in the workplace.
  • Stehouwer and Associates - Human resource management consulting; specialized in psychological profiling, pre-employment testing, work culture assessment, team building, conflict resolution, and recruiting. Based in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Success Matters - Coaching,training, organizational analysis
  • Vitalwork, Inc. - Management consulting services, tools, and training
  • Worklife Career Development - Career development services to staff through Intranet, consultancy, training workshops.
  • Xeta Limited / UK - Marketing and international human resources guidance for multinational firms.

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