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Human Resources -- Consulting

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  • African American Workers Union-AAWU - The African American Workers Union is a collective bargaining organization that represents workers of every race, creed.
  • BPubs.com - Labor Relations Articles - A collection of business articles and publications related to labor relations.
  • Braun Consulting Group - Washington based consultants specialising in employee relations.
  • Burke Group - California based management labor relations consulting firm.
  • Center for Global Assignments (CGA) - CGA interviewed and surveyed numerous employees, spouses, and family members before, during, and after international assignments and created a series of best books to help people working abroad
  • Deming Quality Methods and Employee Relations - A collection of articles on the work of Dr Deming.
  • Dever Consulting Group - Provide advice on business planning and human relations issues to small businesses.
  • Diversity Breakthrough - A range of books and tools to assist companies with their diversity strategies.
  • Employee Assistance - an employee assistance program providing customized services for the employer.
  • Employee Assistance Programs - Woman-owned international provider of employee assistance programs and related services.
  • Employeesurveys - Provides a range of employee surveys and results analysis services.
  • Empoyers Association of New Jersey - A nonprofit association providing employee relations services to employers since 1916.
  • Exodus Expatriate Management Services - Provides assistance for employees being transferred to overseas assignments
  • Gantz Wiley Research - Provide employee opinion and a variety of other surveys.
  • GAR associates - Provides international human resources consulting services to US and foreign businesses. The focus is on expatriate personnel and their families.
  • The Gelfond Group - Innovative - Employee Opinion Surveys to transform organizations and business processes.
  • Grote Consulting - Helps companies create best-practice performance appraisal management systems and trains managers to evaluate employee performance effectively.
  • Holzschu, Jordan, Schiff and Associates - Prepare employee handbooks, job descriptions, performance appraisal systems for client companies around the US and overseas.
  • HR: Conflict, Mediation, Harassment and Discrimination Services. - HR: conflict, mediation, harassment, discrimination and severance services. We are a professional Human Resources support and consulting service for businesses not having dedicated HR expertise.
  • James Harris Group - Articles on motivation, loyalty, retention, and open communication issues.
  • Jeremy & Associates: Human Resource Consultants - Provides professional services to people and organizations: solutions to confidential staff situations; plans for appropriate intervention and assistance; client-centered service in all areas of interaction; experienced, caring attention to individual needs.
  • Managing Employee Satisfaction - High performing organizations know that job satisfaction helps assure their continued success. We help you identify factors that affect job satisfaction. Use this information to better manage employee satisfaction.
  • Metamorphics - US company marketing Performance Pro which is a performance management, development planning, and tracking tool for implementing effective performance management systems.
  • National Business Research Institute, Inc. - NBRI is recognized as a global leader in the business application of psychological employee surveys for superior, scientific-quality information. Employee survey products and services can be ordered from NBRI online.
  • Newton-Smith Associates - Helps build employee/company relationships using a wide-range of products and services, including targeted employee newsletters, and training on a variety of topics.
  • PELI - An organization powered by labor and employment professionals dedicated to the better understanding and improvement of every aspect of labor and employee relations nationwide.
  • Reid Gervais - Canadian based consultant who leads workshops and seminars in the field of human awareness.
  • STAR - Human Resource Forms - UNIQUE personnel forms offer simple solutions to complex problems such as discipline, and employee recognition and motivation. Improve behavior/performance with these discipline and achievement recognition form systems.
  • Transitions - Relocation Care - TRANSITIONS provides premium quality Relocation Care through customized and personalized support programs for relocating employees and their families.
  • WTWT HR Consultants (Australia) - HR Consultants WTWT specialise in industrial relations in the manufacturing, construction and general industries, as well as team development, strategic planning, advocacy etc.

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