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Human Resources -- News

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Human Resources News Sites

  • Basic U.S. Economic Indices - Economic news and updates from commercial, Human Resources firm.
  • HR News Online - Daily News - News of employment and human-resources issues from Society for Human Resources Management
  • HR.com - News and ideas for Human Resource Professionals across North America. Free membership required for some areas.
  • Human Resources News - Complinet section on HR requires membership and fee. Has modest selection of worldwide house publications plus their own news.
  • Personnel Today.com - Some current HR news, an archive, a directory of suppliers, legal guidance and data and statistics on human resources.
  • Work & Family Connection - News and information from national clearinghouse on work-life issues and practices for human resource professionals.
  • Workforce Online - For human resources professionals. Information, forums, tips, polls, and case studies on several hundred topics.
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