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Human Resources -- Outplacement

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  • Ambler Associates - Provides executive outplacement services to corporations.
  • Bakos Group - Assists job seekers, employers, recruiters, headhunters, search & retainer firms, and employment agencies with the employment and outplacement process.
  • The Barrett Group - Provides employment and career transition assistance to clients through an international network.
  • BC Career Management - A corporate outplacement and career consulting firm that provides corporate outplacement and individual assistance in career transitions.
  • The Callos Companies - An outplacement and recruiting company that helps with professional employment.
  • Cambridge Staffing - Provides outplacement assistance to companies.
  • The Career Control Group - Provides national and international career transition and management services to employers.
  • Career Design, Inc. / OI Partners, Inc. - Provides corporate clients outplacement and career transition assistance including web-based services.
  • Career Transitions, LLC - Provides corporate clients outplacement and career transition assistance including web-based services and executive recruiting services.
  • Challenger, Gray, and Christmas - Provides nationwide executive outplacement services.
  • Cline, Jobe & Associates - Provides outplacement and career management services. Offers executive, management, and hourly/non-exempt programs.
  • Dawson and Dawson Consultants, Inc. - Outplacement and business consulting firm.
  • Drake Inglesi Milardo Human Resource Consultants - Specializing in outplacement and career transition services, candidate assessments, and corporate surveys.
  • EmploymentTalk.com - Provides outplacement and career transition organizations a continuously improved, private label, Internet business service solution.
  • Essex Partners for Executives - Provides executive outplacement services to top level executives.
  • The Five O'Clock Club - Offers outplacement services for professionals, managers, and executives.
  • Garth Toombs & Associates Inc. - Provides career management, outplacement services, and organizational effectiveness programs in Alberta.
  • The Human Resource Store - A Chicago-based human resources firm providing recruiting, training, outplacement, and consulting services to employers.
  • Insala Group - An organization that provides outplacement technology consulting and the Internet business service solution EmploymentTalk.com
  • Keystone Associates - Provides traditional outplacement services to organizations seeking assistance for affected employees.
  • Lassiter Consulting - Provides corporations and executives assistance in planning and career management.
  • The McGuire Group - Provides outplacement, career transition services, and executive coaching to corporations.
  • OI Partners, Inc. - A career consulting partnership offering a range of career transition and management service nationally and internationally.
  • PartnerJob.com - A non-profit association set up by international companies to offer mobile employee's spouse or partner opportunities to maintain or develop careers in his or her new location.
  • PlaceNet - Outplacement services designed to help displaced employees find jobs.
  • Redundancy Help UK - Assists companies communicate with staff in times of lay-off and downsizing.
  • The Transition Team, Inc. - Outplacement, downsizing, plant closures, mergers, employee relations, career development, HR functions, career management, job search, and strategic planning.


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