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Human Resources -- Recruiting

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  • AlignMark - Provides products and services to assist organizations in optimizing investment in their most valuable asset, namely human capital.
  • AskHR - Offers recruitment services for pre-IPO companies.
  • Association for Internet Recruiting - Site includes a resource centre with information on a wide range of internet recruiting topics.
  • BHI Management Consulting - Helping small business find and keep good empoyees with no nonsense training and consulting.
  • Bigby Havis and Associates, Inc. (BHA) - A consulting company that provides products, services and general consulting for hiring or promoting employees, employee training and developing.
  • Chart Your Course International - Business resource center that offers free advice, newsletters and articles on creating productive work environments.
  • Creative Management Consultants - Florida based business consulting and training firm specialising in the staffing services industry.
  • Creative Recruitment Solutions - Strategic staffing solutions including internet recruiting, recruitment strategies, staffing process automation and website development.
  • CRM Learning - For 30 years CRM Learning has served as a leader in the development and distribution of training materials. We have showcased the work of the day's most innovative organizational thinkers: Luminaries such as B.F. Skinner; Jerry Harvey; Ken Blanchard; Margaret Wheatley; Jim Kouzes; Barry Posner and many others.
  • Customized Staffing Solutions - Employee leasing services from FCCI Insurance Group - PEO.
  • DABI Consulting - We are a full service HR management consultant specializing in corporate relocation services.
  • The DaCo Corporation - Offers solutions for increased corporate sales including how to hire a good salesperson via a step-by-step guide that directs you through the hiring process of sales professionals.
  • DigitalWork - For small businesses who don't have the resources, time or money to spend on expensive recruiting campaigns, our recruiting workshop offers simple, step-by-step solutions.
  • DWS On-Campus - US company providing a nationwide outsourced on-campus college recruitment service for the actuary profession.
  • eJobDescription - Electronic products for HR including salary surveys, policies, guides and pre-written government and IT job descriptions that attract and keep great talent. Compliant with federal guidelines.
  • Employee Retention - Web based tools for building employee/employer relationships with a focus on retention.
  • Employee Retention Strategies - The premier fact-based, research supported newsletter on employee retention, satisfaction and motivation. Includes suggested strategies for change based on solid data to improve employee commitment and company profitability.
  • Employment Screening Services, LLP - Serving the nation to establish a drug free workplace.
  • Enos : management human resources - Enos offers innovative, customize solutions in human resources to companies using English as their working language : team management, multicultural management, change management, corporate conventions.
  • Equest - eQuest JobLauncher specializes in multi-site job posting; Launch multiple jobs to hundreds of internet sites with one click. Candidate tracking and job listings management. Post your jobs and track your responses. Resume bank for employers.
  • Foresight, Inc. - Offer Seligman optimism questionnaire to enhance the sales selection and development process.
  • Hire.com - An internet application service provider. Site includes an e-Recruiter service which allows companies to automate parts of their recruiting process.
  • HireSmart - Arizona based company specialising in recruiting, hiring, and performance management technology.
  • HiringTools Intelligent Job Description and Job Ad Writers - Success in recruiting begins with effective job descriptions and job ads. HiringTools automates the process of creating job descriptions and ads, saving time and labor. Database includes 1,500 job positions.
  • HR Marketing - We provide top expertise on: job sites, recruitment web site design, online testing, applicant tracking systems, IT candidate recruiting, marketing and sales consultation.
  • HR Pal - An online recruiting system that integrates with a company's website.
  • HTC - HTC Research Corp provides name generation, profiling and resume generation and a reseller for RecruitMAX a resume tracking and candidate management software program.
  • Human Resources Online - Career opportunities, resume database, and job seeking and HR information is available.
  • Human Systems Development - We help companies measure their success factors, including turnover rate, exit interviews, and retention - all factors in business performance.
  • Impact HiRE - We are an integrated services company that provides measurement, acquisition, improvement, and retention of human capital assets to increase productivity of corporations.
  • Infopass.net - A career site designed around an exclusive referral network comprised of corporate and contract recruiters who serve as the sole source of candidate referrals.
  • Internet Business Network - Internet recruiting resource for businesses and recruiters.
  • IPC - Iowa based company offering employee retention consulting.
  • ITworld.com - Articles relating to keeping a staff productive and satisfied.
  • James Harris Group - US based company providing expertise in employee retention strategies.
  • Jeda Systems, Inc. - Makers of WebLoom Recruiter a full-functioned, private, web based recruiting application.
  • Jensen Barnes & Associates - Business and human performance consulting services.
  • JFA - US based company offering consultancy in recruiting and retaining the right employees.
  • Knowledge Workers - US professional services firm specializing in recruitment and retention of high tech professionals.
  • MorganWare - MorganWare turns the career section of a company's web site into a powerful recruiting tool.
  • Newhouse Consulting - Provides Staffing and Retention services for internet, start-up and emerging companies.
  • OnlineRecruiter - OnlineRecruiter is an initial, cost effective solution to Internet sourcing allowing our clients to focus their efforts on interviewing and hiring the best talent. We provide you a stream of qualified candidates within a short period of time and even e-mail prospective candidates to gauge their interest in your opportunity.
  • OnStaffing Solutions, Inc. - We work with you to identify & develop skills, knowledge & competencies your people need to move forward.
  • Pathway Consulting - Recruitment & Retention - Provides consultancy in recruitment and retention support to clients in Calgary.
  • Personnel Selection - Develops personnel selection systems for organizations.
  • PrO Unlimited - Delivering range of services to manage selection, engagement and tracking of contingent, non-employee workers.
  • Professional Research Services - Illinois based employment research firm providing lists of names as well as candidate identification and screening for corporate and search clients.
  • QRC, Inc. - QRC is a management consulting firm that fixes people problems and improves organizational effectiveness for greater productivity in the workplace, from the boardroom to actual delivery of products or services.
  • Referral Networks - Employee referral systems.
  • ResumeHunters.com - Outsourced resume and candidated searching. Contract your internet recruiting sourcing to Resume Hunters.
  • Sasha - Consulting firm offers retention/training program called "...the missing link in making welfare to work succeed" by the Welfare to Work Partnership.
  • SnapHire - A job site hosting service that transforms your job listings into a powerful recruiting tool and can be instantly customized to your own brand.
  • Strategic Recruitment Consultants - SRC delivers recruitment and employment strategies, cultural diversity initiatives, behavior-based interview training for hiring managers and executive search/contingency recruiting services nation-wide by maximizing diversity in the talent solution.
  • TalentOutlook.com - Provides a the single-source point for global recruiting needs. TalentOutlook offers services starting from locating talent globally to immigration and relocation assistance.
  • TiburonGroup.com - Internet recruiting consulting firm dedicated to helping companies maximize the use as part of their overall strategy. TiburonGroup.com provides research, pre-screening and training services.
  • Training Solutions, Inc. - We help companies select, train, and retain their employees.
  • Versant Employer Branding - Company offering employer branding and change management consulting services and strategies to assist recruitment and retention.
  • WellNext - WellNext is a consulting group specializing in employee and organizational wellness. We help companies to uncover key workforce issues, and to create solutions that maximize culture & environment, commitment & performance, and employee well-being.
  • WorkForce21 - Services to develop customized links for business to government and community-based resources for entry-level and professional recruitment, training and retention-based support services. Specialty services in transportation and childcare support.


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