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Human Resources -- Training and Safety

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  • AI and OHS Consultants - Australian company providing a comprehensive occupational health and safety service to business and Government.
  • American Training Resources - Company which produces employee training videos. Topics include harassment, workplace violence, safety, and EAP training.
  • Astec - Canadian supplier of safety equipment and safety training.
  • Bankers Advisory - Massachusetts company specializing in Human Resources Education and Development for the mortgage banking community.
  • Bassham, Rayl and Associates - Provides speaking, training and consulting on a variety of employee development topics.
  • Broad Horizons Coaching Plus - Small US company specialising in training coaching skills.
  • California Workers' Compensation Enquirer/CWCE Magazine - The Magazine For Workers' Compensation Professionals featuring the Workers' Compensation Web free research resource
  • CareerTrack Homepage - This site has various seminars and tape training as well as useful resources.
  • Catalyst Consulting Group - Boston based company which provides training and organizational development consulting.
  • The Center for Organizational and Personal Excellence - This website provides information on their training and development consortium of professionals and also offers training program previews.
  • Character Training International - Provide business ethics training either on-site or in "train the trainer" mode.
  • The Cleaver Company - Provide systems and tools for organizational effectiveness.
  • CMG - California absed compliance management group.
  • Coastal Training Technologies Corp - Creates training materials including safety videos, CD-ROMS, interactive safety training programs, handbooks, toolkits, and posters.
  • Cor Communications - Diversity training, communication skills, presentation skills consulting and seminars nationally
  • Creative Management Consultants - A consortium of corporate psychologists and human resource specialists. Firm located in Australia. It provides companies with effective and innovative training solutions.
  • David Marx Consulting - US consulting firm dedicated to improving the management of human error.
  • DNV Training - Courses, textbooks, videos and software to prepare workers to apply safety, environment and quality management principles to risk management systems and strategies.
  • Drive and Survive - Provides corporate events and specialist driver training courses for car, van, trucks and motorcyclists, to enable them to be safer, more responsible road-users
  • Dynamic Safety Controls - Safety, engineering and training professionals who specialize in fall safety protection training, consulting, and legal support.
  • EA Group Environmental, Health and Safety Information - Environmental, health and safety information and internet resources. EA Group offers its customers many specialized services including: indoor air quality, regulatory compliance assistance, industrial hygiene consulting and laboratory analysis, PCB sampling and analysis, all phases of asbestos compliance from surveys and sample analysis to project design and oversight.
  • Emergency Film Group - Firm makes individualized and responsive training videos on hazardous materials issues
  • EZ-HR™ Online - EZ-HR™ is an Interactive Guide containing 15 sections from pre-employment to unemployment benefits management. ncluded are training documents, step-by-step “How to...” instructions, and an unlimited supply of forms
  • Forklift Safety Training Services - US based company offering forklift operator training.
  • FUNsulting - Virginia based company that uses humor to help individuals and organizations balance serious issues with a light touch.
  • Global Training and Consulting for Corporations - Training, consulting, web-based and printed tools for enhancing global business interactions.
  • HRIM Mall - Has HR related services and systems available.
  • IDCware.com - Interactive Training Software for Compliance with the OSHA Standard.
  • International Training Consultants, Inc. - Provides training solutions in the areas of leadership development, employee development, assessments, diversity, and harassment.
  • John Sabella Associates - Safety training, educational and documentary videotapes for the ocean going, fishing and workboat industries.
  • John Sleigh - Trainer who lives in Sydney Australia and offers his services as a speaker, trainer, training designer, facilitator, coach and consultant.
  • Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer - Company providing training solutions, including innovative books, journals, instruments, and hands-on tools, training and human resource professionals, consultants, other business professionals.
  • Learning in the Workplace - New approaches to combining learning and work for small and medium enterprises (SME), shown from ADAPT-projects.
  • LouElla Jackson - DiSC distributor (Carlson Learning) offering assessment tools that help develop emotional intelligence.
  • Management Resource Company - Tennessee based company which provides drug screening and alcohol testing tools for employers.
  • The MARCOM group - Safety training CD-ROM's, Videos, Booklets and Posters covering hundreds of different Safety and Regulatory topics.
  • Mastery Technologies - Company offering CD-ROM safety training resources.
  • Medtrac, Inc. - Provides employees and companies with health and safety training and supply needs.
  • Merex Training and Consulting - Merex provides workplace education training and consulting services such as needs assessment, basic skills training, peer training, and writing skills training.
  • Mitchell Consulting - Company offering workshops to help businesses prevent lawsuits based on sexual harassment, sex discrimination, wrongful termination, race and age discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and disability discrimination
  • Moncrief & Associates, Inc. - New York company offering corporate training and executive coaching, communication skills, building teams, public speaking, persuasive writing and consulting services.
  • National Safety Compliance - US based provider of safety training, videos, software and other resources.
  • National Safety Compliance - Texas company providing OSHA safety videos and software.
  • Nayda and Associates, Inc. - Specialize in maximizing human resource productivity through team building, personal development and conflict resolution.
  • Northwest Management Seminar - The 31st annual seminar - March 2000. At the Double Tree Inn in Jantzen Beach Oregon.
  • NVision - Consultants in occupational safety and health, OSHA compliance with particular emphasis on general industry and construction.
  • Occupational & Environmental Health Consultants - Assisting employers with reducing workers injuries while meeting regulatory guidelines.
  • PC Northwest - HR Consulting - PC Northwest, is a firm that specializes in Human Resources field including training issues.
  • The People Process - A training tool which assists with some basic psychological profiling.
  • The Peters Principals - Instructional design specialists, implementing training and Human Resource Development solutions across Australia, and the Asia Pacific region.
  • Positive Workplace - Interactive series of computer-based training (CBT) programs that address sexual harassment and other Human Resources training concerns to reduce liability.
  • Professional Training Institute - Environmental and business training and consulting. Providing on-site training in EPA, OSHA, DOT and NIOSH training requirements.
  • Quality Two - Company providing event and conference planning, executive incentive and adventure travel combined with communications workshops.
  • Safety Documents - Texas based company offering industry specific company safety manuals, safety training outlines, guides and procedures.
  • Safety Posters - These photo quality safety posters are sure to catch the attention of employees and help increase their "Safety Awareness."
  • Safety Source Productions - Company supplying safety training videos, forklift, chemicals, HAZWOPER, loss control, fire prevention and more. On-line ordering service.
  • Safety Video - For company's safety & training video needs, a wide selection of many different topics, from forklift safety to hazardous material handling and more.
  • Setco Inc - US company which provides training and documentation needed to keep you OSHA compliant.
  • Sexual Harassment Resource - Resources, information and products to help you prevent sexual harassment and protect your business from liability exposure. Site promotes its "Employers Reasonable Care Pack(TM)."
  • SumTotal Systems - SumTotal's eLearning products manages training, education, corporate information, communication, and employee knowledge to accelerate business results.
  • Sundance Consulting - This site provides consulting help for human resources professionals, line managers and independent consultants looking for strategies to manage transiton and transformation.
  • Technical Training Tips - Suggestions, for designers and developers of technical training including tips for lecture, self-paced courses, computer based training, and structured OJT.
  • Topf Organization - Company providing an employee involvement process for improving safety and environmental performance.
  • Training Decisions - Internet portal for training and development professionals, with on-line search facility.
  • Training Network - Homepage for the Training Network
  • Work Relationships, Inc. - California based company providing seminars and online programs to assist in avoidance of harassment and discrimination complaints.
  • Worker's Compensation and Occupational Safety Cost Control - Innovative worker's compensation, occupational safety risk management information and guides for all employers of all sizes.
  • Workforce Online - This site contains Workforce Online magazine, related training and useful Human Resources links.
  • WorkNETT - Provider of internet-based employee training on sexual harassment and racial discrimination.
  • Workplace Safety Training & Consulting - Specializing in OSHA and workplace safety training
  • Workplace Safety Training - Provides occupational and environmental safety training throughout the US and Canada.


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