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Human Resources -- Training and Schools

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  • Actors in Cahoots - Business training modules to optimize development of creativity, flexibility and spontaneity. Based East Anglia UK.
  • Adventures in Team Esteem - Team Esteem has over thirty years of experience leading organizations and developing people. Our broad management experience blends with the 'people side' of organizational dynamics to provide imaginative insightful and pragmatic training.
  • Adventures Together - Provides coaching to people in transition, career changes, relocation with job transitions and development of plans for people and families in early stage start up business.
  • AMO - Products, services and consulting to help companies hire the right employees and diagnose training needs within their existing staff.
  • Anderson-davis, Inc. - International educator in sexual harassment and investigator's training. Expert witness and producer of award winning training videos.
  • Brain Technologies Corporation - Personality tests to determine learning style for team building and leadership training in change and human resource management.
  • The Career Development Team - A North American and international provider of materials, workshops and consulting for organizational career development. On line ordering and downloads available.
  • Castle Training Consultants - Specialists in the design and delivery of human skills based courses to organizations in the public and private sectors.
  • Center for Organizational Design - Organization development and design consultants. We train or train the trainer. Comprehensive workbooks and tools to help you. Call or email today for a free consultation.
  • Chambers Communications and Training Techniques - Customize workshops and individual coaching plans to build competencies and promote individual-to-organizational growth in support of human resource objectives.
  • Concept Training Seminars - Communication training, management development, performance management, diversity, sexual harassment, outsourcing, writing, recruitment for employees. Business to business programs for human resources departments.
  • Creative Resource Development - Human resource, management training, specializing in team building.
  • Critical Pathfinders - Providers of corporate team building and adventure training in British Columbia and Ontario.
  • CustomerServiceTraining.TV - Web based access to customer service training.
  • Employee Development Systems, Inc. - Provides training and development to managers and employees in the areas of communications, performance management, personal growth and responsibility, professionalism and teambuilding.
  • Foster Seminars and Communications - Training seminars for management and staff to improve communication and cooperation in the workplace and to motivate employees.
  • Frontline Group - Consulting and training company that focuses on improving workplace performance.
  • Games2train.com - Corporate training with game-based learning approach. Serious training in a game environment.
  • Gamma Group Consulting - Works with businesses to enhance their marketing, streamline their internal process, and develop their people.
  • GoldenQuest - A company providing advanced, web-based performance support and training products that improve the performance of an individual, group and company.
  • HRDT/Windsor Group - Motivation, job suitability, and skill based assessment programs for with pre-hire screening and post-hire sales performance development programs. Facilitation and seminar programs also available.
  • Improvisation in the Workplace - Training and development programs in improvisation, team building, flexible thinking, presentation skills, and humour in the workplace.
  • InQ Educational Materials, Inc. - A self-scoring instrument that measures five styles of thinking. It is used as a training tool, for team building, and for self-assessment.
  • Interel - We provide innovative Action Learning Devices to diverse organizations; from independent trainers to Fortune 500 corporations.
  • J and M Training and Consulting - Customized training programs including the Facilitation Skills or High Performance Work Teams Workshop.
  • J.D. Wesson and Associates - Specializes in training for public service agencies; law enforcement, schools, medical facilities, government agencies.
  • Krauthammer International - Training, coaching and consulting in management, sales and client relations.
  • Labor Leadership Initiative - Primary Development Company's Train the Trainer program designed to provide personal and interpersonal leadership skills at the front line of the Labor Force.
  • Mars and Venus Workplace Seminars - Gender diversity training, women in the workplace, conflict resolution, and sexual harassment avoidance training.
  • Myers Method, Inc. - Design and deliver customized communication courses to help employees achieve their performance goals.
  • The National Center for Cultural Healing - Business diversity training and cultural competence consultation.
  • Nelson Buchanan and ÷ostergard - Singapore based management development, training and consulting organization.
  • Odyssey Performance Enhancement Network - Ropes courses on corporate and organization team building.
  • Olive Strachan Resources - For professional training offering courses, videos, books, CD-ROMs and manuals.
  • Performance Solutions - Consultation and training services by Darrell Potts in customer service and management training.
  • Procurement Services Limited - Training workshops, recruitment seminars and consultancy services in procurement, human resource management, and applied business solutions.
  • Recruiting 2000 - Provides training on how to start a homebased recruiting business and sustain a profitable recruiting business or recruiting company from your home-office.
  • The Remuneration Organization - Provides education and training resources for employee remuneration and employee ownership including executive and incentive compensation programs.
  • The Richardson Company - This site offers 44 directories of training materials on video tape, audio tape and CD-ROM for Human Resources.
  • Self Mastery International - This is a values based company providing training on stress management, communication skills, team building, personal growth skills, keynote speakers, conferences and workshops.
  • Skills Training Center - A provider of training seminars for business specializing in teambuilding, communications, performance management, and personal growth.
  • SkillSource of West Michigan - Consulting and training for the people side of business
  • Sparks Development - Bill Bastian provides personal growth and corporate motivational workshops.
  • Teleometrics International Inc. - Publisher of management and leadership development training material and seminars.
  • Telephone Doctor - Customer service and telephone skills training company.
  • The Training Clinic - Offering public and in-house workshops for trainers in the presentation, design and management of training.
  • Training Miles - Centered on rewarding, recognising, motivating and incentivising key staff and managers within your organisation through teambuilding programmes and social events.
  • Training Technology Services - This sites goal is to improve employee performance by providing effective training programs and services.
  • The Wolf Institute - Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen LLP Employment Related Training
  • Workplace Basics - Workplace education, employee development, computer education, MicroSoft Office education, communication training, on-site workplace education programs.
  • Yellowbrick Training and Consulting - Provides off-the-shelf and tailored new employee orientation programs. Specialize in multi-site and rolling programs, and provide a free program design service.


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