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Traditional Walnut Plaques

This extensive collection of solid American walnut plaques feature a wide assortment of mounted metal fittings. These ornamental extras add depth and character, making an already beautiful plaque into something truly special.

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FR_C1172 -- $151.95

Heritage Collections. American walnut contour frame with bronze cast eagle and black brass engraving plate along with red velour backing. An award of excellence. SIZE: 14-1/4 X 17-1/4"

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RS_PK86B -- $151.95

Laurel Wreath Collection. An American walnut plaque includes a brass engraving plate and antique bronze laurel wreath accent. SIZE: 10-1/2 X 13"

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RS_PK45 -- $157.95

Filigree Collection. A hand polished, electroplated openwork metal frame differentiates this elegant award. Set upon an American walnut plaque, this award sets the stage for prestige. SIZE: 10-1/2 X 13"

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FR_C1774 -- $159.95

Heritage Collections. American walnut with gold scroll castings makes for an exquisite achievement award. SIZE: 12" X 15"

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RS_P1138 -- $163.95

American walnut plaque and grand eagle makes this award shine with the best, great for achievement. SIZE: 10-1/2 X 13"

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RS_P1147 -- $173.95

An antique bronze eagle casting soars above a mahogany finished, American walnut plaque with screen-printed brass engraving plate. Great for any and all achievement. SIZE: 9-1/2 X 11-1/2"

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RS_P58 -- $181.95

Laurel Wreath Collection. An antique bronze frame wraps a gold brass or black brass and sits upon a American walnut plaque. A great way to recognize a great achievement in any arena. SIZE: 12 X 15"

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RS_P2039 -- $197.95

Classic Collections. This American walnut plaque with an ornate, antique bronze frame adds distinction and elegance. SIZE: 10 X 15"

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RS_P1361 -- $233.95

The Lapis II Collections. A gold electroplated, hand polished scroll and laurel leaves frame the engraving area. A truly stunning award. SIZE: 11 X 15"

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RS_P1365 -- $233.95

The Verdi II Collection. An ornate scroll and laurel leaves, in hand polished, gold electroplate, form an elegant frame. American walnut presents this elegant award to the highest of recognitions. SIZE: 11 X 15"

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RS_PK580 -- $233.95

Laurel Wreath Collection. This antique bronze frame casting along with the American walnut plaque is true elegance in the recognition world. SIZE: 11 X 15"

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RS_P5062 -- $282.95

Ornate Collection. Inside the rosewood finish shadowbox frame, is a hand polished, antique bronze electroplated frame surrounds a brass engraving plate. The refined background is hunter green velvetex. SIZE: 12-1/2 X 15-1/2"

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